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The Future of Digitalisation

Workshop Report

Digitalisation is one of the most important issues of our time. Societies, economies and industries are being reshaped on a scale and speed like never before. In this workshop, we wanted to explore the benefits and challenges of digital transformation and its implications for societies in Asia. The report provides an overview of the method used and the results of the discussion.

​​​​​​​What might the future/s of digitalisation look like?

What might be different perspectives of the state and non-state actors involved in building it?

Using future thinking tools and methods, the participants analysed the complexity and tensions between the different stakeholders in creating a desired future and recommended some ideas for policy makers for the future.



1 The future/s of digitalisation and workshop methodology

2 Current state of play: What is broken

3 What to treasure and protect from today

4 Players in the future of digitalisation

5 Rosy and hazy future scenarios

6 Policy recommendations



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