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Facts and Findings

Manipulation and Disinformation in the Metaverse

by Christopher Nehring

What Are the Challenges and How to Counter Them?

New virtual communication spaces such as the Metaverse enable even better immersion in a fictitious, yet very real, environment. In this environment, there is an even stronger mixing of entertainment and information. Therefore, disinformation as well as manipulation can be absorbed more intensively there. What exactly do we have to adjust to with this technology and how can disinformation be countered in these communication spaces?

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Instead of "flat", two-dimensional surfaces, some providers, such as Meta, Rockstar Games or Decentraland Foundation, have created virtual communication spaces that appeal to all senses except the sense of taste and smell and offer users realistic three-dimensional experiences. These spaces are referred to as "Metaverse".

Virtual communication spaces, such as those created in the Metaverse, are the most immersive form of the digital world to date. In this environment, there is an even greater blending of entertainment and information. Content in these spaces has a much more realistic and thus more intensive effect on the person consuming it than in two-dimensional space. In addition, further technological developments such as deepfakes or AI bots make these spaces vulnerable to information manipulation and its effect on the individual.

To counter this danger, the potential dangers must be recognised at an early stage and confronted with possible solutions. The risk of manipulation can be minimised through proactive measures, such as information and education about dangers that can emanate from the spaces. 

Technological developments, such as the use of deep fakes or the use of virtual influencers, can also be countered by technical measures. 

Why the spaces and their use are still insufficiently regulated and supervised, as well as some other possible solutions, can be read here in the analysis "Manipulation and Disinformation in the Metaverse - What are the Challenges and How to Counter Them?".

The full analysis is currently only available in German. 

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