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Deutsch-Mexikanische Zusammenarbeit für die globale Energiewende

Policy Paper

This policy paper aims to explain the drivers of the Mexican-German strategic cooperation for a global energy transition policy. Mexico has started its path towards energy transition while countries like Germany have already experience down the road. Therefore, it is convenient to learn from their challenges and opportunities, analyzing the similarities and differences with those countries so that Mexico can move forward more confidently towards its transition. Mexico should continue with the energy reform and private participation in the oil and gas sectors to attract more investment to the country. Strengthening the financial situation of Pemex is a requirement to contemplate new investments in refining. Attracting talent and investments is crucial for the Mexican energy sector’ competitiveness. This policy paper analyzes the Mexico-Germany strategic alliance´s benefits; common objectives pursued on a worldwide scale; and opportunities and challenges for Mexico in energy transition. In the end, policy recommendations are provided.