Uganda Green Growth Summit

This summit is a contribution to support transition toward a greener growth in Uganda. The objective is to bring the topic to a non-specialist audience, provide policy and technical solutions available, in order to support a re-think of individual business strategies. The summit is open to the core stakeholders of the Uganda Green Growth Development Strategy; that is; Government, Civil Society, private sector, researchers and academia. The main category targeted is the private sector.


Conflict Sensitive Reporting Workshop

Capacity Building Workshop for Cross Border Network Journalists
The main objective of the workshop is to strengthen capacities of journalist to produce peace, gender and conflict sensitive media programmes by building their capacity on conflict sensitive reporting


Graduation of Youth4Policy Fellows

The 2019 Youth4Policy fellowship is coming to an end! With their policy papers finalised, our fellows are graduating from the Y4P fellowship and will be initiated into the programme's alumni network.

Expert talk

Economic Policy Roundtable

In a meeting with the Ministry of Finance, KAS and CDA will present the outcomes of the first research paper of the "Economic Policy Paper Series". The paper looks into catalysing SME growth.


Annual KAS-UMU Scholarship Forum

KAS-UMU scholarship holders and alumni are getting together for their annual scholarship forum.


The Kampala Geopolitics Conference - 2nd edition

The conference will feature 18 panels and will attract thousands of participants from Uganda and beyond. The targeted audience is the general public with special focus on students, academia, representatives from civil society and media, political decision-makers and the diplomatic community.


Youth4Policy Final Writing Workshop

Fellows of the Youth4Policy programme are meeting to finalise their writing products for submission of their research-based policy briefs.

Expert conference

The Age of Digital Interdependence

KAS in partnership with the Ministry of ICT is conducting a multi-stakeholder forum on the report of the UN Secretary-General's high level panel on Digital Cooperation

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Climate finance in Uganda and how the private sector can tap in it

Climate change is a global problem whose challenges will be met at local, regional and international levels. Ambitious climate action is therefore required to meet the goals and targets of the Paris Agreement. Uganda’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) require substantial financing from a variety of sources (public, private, and external). This implies an expanded role for both government and private sector to consider investments in green growth and renewable energy.

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Since 2013, the world’s youngest nation has been engulfed in a brutal civil war. Since then, there have been a number of attempts to promote peace and dialogue; however, with the civil war now reaching its fourth year, the obstacles to peace multiply. In late 2016, President Salva Kiir initiated a National Dialogue which aimed to find a resolution to the conflict. However, the Dialogue was marred with issues even before it began this year.

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The last general elections held in early 2016 stood out for the high numbers of elected leaders entering office for the first time. Furthermore, despite the reintroduction of multipartyism over a decade ago, shortcomings in democratic practice still prevail, both on a local and a national level. In order to spread awareness on the functions of democracy in a multiparty system and ensure better service delivery to ordinary citizens, the Directorate of National Guidance, together with KAS, have set out to facilitate workshops for elected councilmembers across the country.

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Harnessing the Demographic Divide to Enhance Youth Participation and Gender Equality
Uganda has one of the highest population growth rates and one of the youngest populations in the world. Youth participation, and especially that of the female youth, is crucial for the sustainment and endurance of the Ugandan society. However, while institutional provisions on youth participation in politics and policy-making do exist, issues of underrepresentation, unemployment, exploitation, and inadequate education, still prevail.

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The various conflicts across eastern Africa have not only put a strain on the countries engulfed in violence, but also their neighbouring countries, who must handle the influx of refugees into their communities amidst already existing domestic economic hurdles. The East African Community’s (EAC) lack of a common framework on refugee management has made for great inconsistencies on policy and practice among the different member states.

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Civic education remains an important issue often neglected in Ugandan politics, despite the importance of political literacy and the engagement of all citizens in order for democracy to function properly. The goal, therefore, of the Governance Accountability Civil Society Network (GAIN) is to empower individuals and communities across the country to fully understand and practice their duties as citizens. Together with KAS, GAIN Uganda launched the Democracy Workbook in June 2017.

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The 2017 #UgandaSocialMedia Conference Report

In June 2017, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) – Uganda Country Office, held the third session of the annual Uganda Social Media Conference to provide a platform for deepening and expanding discussions around challenges that arise from social media use, but also to explore new perspectives on the same.

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Youth interventions ought to be mainstreamed

Most conversations on youth have only focussed on what needs to be done and what is missing. It is commonplace for example, to find young people demanding for new policies, new programmes, new departments, to mention a few. What has been missing however, is a nuanced reflection of what is there in terms of policies and programmes, and what these have achieved. Or where they have failed and why. The fourth annual national youth conference organised in partnership with the University Forum on Governance endeavoured to address this.

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LéO Africa Economic Forum Calls for Problem-focused & Inclusive Innovation

Innovation and Technological Disruption in Africa
An inclusive innovation model that is labor intensive and not only connects, but also empowers people and communities – including those at the base of the pyramid, to access basic goods and services in a faster and easier way was the overriding call at the 2017 LéO Africa Economic Forum, that took place on July 7th at the Kampala Serena Conference Center.

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By Your own terms: Success Insights for the young and emerging African leaders

by Donnas Ojok

There isn’t a dearth of literature or perspectives on success - what it is, how to arrive at it, how to manage it and the list goes on and on. But reviewing and analyzing the broad theme of success within the context of leadership in Africa and the role of her young and emerging leaders is a subject that requires some deep reflection. Young leaders from East Africa who are fellows of the Young and Emerging Leaders Project which is a collaborative initiative of the LeO Africa Institute and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung explored this topic at a recently concluded 2017 second seminar series.