Prepared for the digital era?

The state of digitalization in selected countries

Lunch Discussion


10:00 a.m.Welcome adress

  • Tankred Schipanski MdB, Spokesman for digital issues, German Parliament
10:10 a.m.Keynote: Disruption as the new paradigm? Trends and forces

  • Steven Hill, US-Journalist, San Francisco
10:40 a.m. Discussion: Prepared for the digital era? The state of digitalization selected countries

Moderation: Franziska Raspe, Bitkom

  • Steven Hill, Journalist, USA
  • Guo Xiangcen, Principal Manager at Futures Office, Skills Development Group, Singapur
  • Thales Castro, Professor, Catholic University of Pernambuco, Brazil
  • Nicolai Pogadl, Concordia University, Canada
11:45 a.m. Comment: Digital Divide Between Development and Less-Developed Countries?

  • Jones Maccoe Mrusha, Senior Technology Executive in Telecoms, e-banking, Tech start ups, Ghana
12:45a.m. Lunch & Talk

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  • Tankred Schipanski Mdb
    • Steven Hill
      • Guo Xiangcen
        • Thales Castro
          • Nicolai Pogadl
            • Jones Maccoe Mrusha
              Digitalisierung der Energiesysteme