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The influence of Deep Fakes on Elections

Legitimate Concern or Mere Alarmism?

In the upcoming 2024 super election year, AI-driven deep fakes pose a great threat to electoral integrity worldwide. From Slovakia to the US and Turkey, manipulated audio, image or video files blur reality and erode trust of the public in available information. Combatting deep fakes demands urgent action: robust defense strategies, cyberliteracy initiatives, and ethical guidelines for the use of AI in political communication are crucial to preserve the integrity of democratic processes.

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„Just not that the constitution protection authorities ring my doorbell“

The spread of right-wing and left-wing extremist attitudes in Germany

This study uses a representative survey to analyse three questions: How widespread are attitudes that belong to general extremism or to left-wing or right-wing extremist ideology? How many people support ideas from several extremisms? To what extent do attitudes close to one extremism occur together with other attitudes (including trust in institutions, anti-Zionism and conspiracy theory)?

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Wake-up call for integration policy

The crime statistics 2023 show the need for integration policy action

At the beginning of April, the Federal Minister of the Interior presented the Police Crime Statistics (PCS) 2023. According to these statistics, the number of crimes in Germany has risen by 5.5 per cent since 2022. The Federal Criminal Office (FCPO) believes that one reason for the increase is the high immigration figures. The PCS suggests that there may be a connection between criminal tendencies and a lack of integration. What contribution could integration policy make to crime reduction?

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The European Union – global risks, local side effects

Results of the Panorama Analysis 2024

The Panorama Analysis 2024 provides a comprehensive insight into the current development of the European Union and its environment in a year-on-year comparison. The analysis presents a multithematic assessment of the current situation in the areas of innovation and competitiveness, the attitudes of member states towards the EU, and the global environment. By using qualitative and quantitative indicators, the analysis provides sound insights into current trends and developments.

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City, Countryside, ... Differences?

Political Attitudes from Big Cities to Rural Areas - Results from Representative Surveys

Voting behavior reflects clear urban-rural differences: The CDU/CSU and the AfD score higher in rural areas, while the Green party does better in urban areas. How can these effects be explained? Using representative survey data, our study shows that urban-rural differences in party sympathies and slight differences in political attitudes could provide an explanation for the different electoral success of the parties according to urban-rural areas.

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De-Risking, but where to?

The Emerging ASEAN countries as an alternative to China

The German economy should become more diversified. However, how and where such de-risking shall be implemented remains unclear. In search of suitable partners, both politics and business often turn their attention to the emerging economies of Southeast Asia. The dynamic growth of the so-called Emerging ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam) offers a seemingly promising alternative to the large neighbour China. However, a look at the economic data shows that the diversification potential in terms of Southeast Asia’s emerging markets is limited.

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Forced exmatriculation against anti-Semitism

Between academic freedom and security concerns: anti-Semitism and the response of German universities

Anti-Semitic incidents at German universities have increased significantly since the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel in October 2023. Nationwide, there is growing concern for the safety of Jewish students. Since an act of violence in Berlin in February 2024, there have been discussions about better legal measures against anti-Semitism in the university context. Better regulations are needed to protect Jewish students and secure the university environment, while at the same time strengthening the autonomy of universities.

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Energy transition? Yes, but please make it sustainable!

Appeal for an environmentally friendly, secure and affordable energy supply in Germany

15 April 2024 marks the anniversary of the shutdown of the last three nuclear power plants in Germany. An opportunity to take stock of Germany's energy transition. Our short policy paper suggests guidelines for making the energy transition sustainable.

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Self-determination, criminalization and mandatory counselling

Impulses for Inquiries into § 218 StGB

Since the Federal Constitutional Court's ruling in 1993 and the legal provisions in 1995, the debate on abortion has largely calmed. The current regulation reflects a compromise between differing legal interests, respecting both the autonomy of the woman, as referenced in Articles 2 and 3 of the Basic Law, and the protection of unborn life, as per Article 1 Section 2.

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Pregnancy Conflict and the Principle of Dual Advocacy

On the current discussion about § 218 StGB

The renegotiation of abortion laws in Germany raises profound questions: Can the balance between women's rights and the protection of the unborn be maintained? Prof. Sautermeister warns against neglecting the principle of "dual advocacy" and calls for a nuanced debate. A critical view of a societal turning point.

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Completed publication series

Working Paper

Broschürenreihe mit Darstellungen und Positionen, die kurzfristig auf aktuelle politische Fragen reagieren


Berichte aus der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Die Herausgabe der "Einblicke" ist ausgesetzt. "Einblicke" hat alle drei Monate über die Arbeit der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung berichtet.


Publikationen des Teams Politikdialog und Analyse der Hauptabteilung Europäische und Internationale Zusammenarbeit.

Research and Sources on Contemporary History

In der Reihe „Forschungen und Quellen zur Zeitgeschichte“ veröffentlicht das Archiv für Christlich-Demokratische Politik seit 1980 wissenschaftliche Studien zur Christlichen Demokratie, Darstellungen zur Geschichte der Bundesrepublik und der CDU sowie Biographien wichtiger Repräsentanten. Zu den 50 bisher erschienen Büchern zählen auch Quelleneditionen, wie Protokolle von Parteigremien oder Tagebücher von einflussreichen Politikern. Die Publikationen sind im Buchhandel erhältlich.

Sociopolitical Series

Veröffentlicht wurden herausragende Dissertationsschriften mit gesellschaftspolitisch relevanten Themen von Stipendiatinnen und Stipendiaten der Begabtenförderung und Personen, die ihrem Promotionskolleg „Soziale Marktwirtschaft“ kooptiert sind.

Die Reihe gab den Autorinnen und Autoren ein wissenschaftliches und publizistisches Forum und brachte aktuelle Themen in die öffentliche Diskussion ein.

Basic Questions of Christian Democracy

In dieser Reihe erschienen im Jahr 2006 Texte namenhafter Autoren zu Grundfragen der christlichen Demokratie.

In Conversation

Kulturpolitische Umschau

Zeitschrift mit Berichten aus Bundestag und Bundesländern, Gastbeiträgen, Rezensionen und Presseauswertungen zur aktuellen Kulturpolitik.

In Plenary

Broschürenreihe der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung mit den Beiträgen von Konferenzen, Fachtagungen und Kongressen, die von längerfristigem Interesse sind.

In Plenary Compact

Die Broschüren im DIN-A-4-Format fassen kurz und knapp die Ergebnisse von Konferenzen, Fachtagungen und Kongressen zusammen, die von längerfristigem Interesse sind.


Reden, Essays und Grundsatzpapiere zu drängenden Zeitfragen

In dieser Broschürenreihe veröffentlicht die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung grundlegende Positionen zu wichtigen Themen der Zeit.

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