Sustainability needs innovation

How do we protect the climate, environment and nature while ensuring social and economic development? We seek innovation, exchange and cooperation.

We owe it to our children and future generations to leave them behind a world worth living in. Both Germany and Romania have ratified the Paris Declaration to limit climate change to 1.5 degrees. We must stop global warming. Our forests must be preserved as green lungs. We must stop the extinction of species so that the web of life on which we all depend remains intact. To achieve all this while ensuring economic and social development, innovation and technological development are essential. To this end, we rely on cooperation, creating knowledge bridges for exchange between German and Romanian innovators and open up information spaces. We are paying particular attention to digitization, the start-up scene and the research landscape.

What are we doing  in 2023?

In the context of the 17th International Conference for Business Excellence, we will deal with the topic "Rethinking business: Sustainable Leadership in a VUCA world" together with our partners from ASE from 23-25.03.2023.

Together with the students of ASE FABIZ, we are looking for data on innovation in Romania as part of our learning project "Branding Romania". There will be a lot on our social media channels in early summer.

As part of our "Policy Lab" format, we will be asking what contribution good science communication can make to developing awareness of sustainability. 

Our cooperation with the news portal "Spotmedia" is also about creating a broader awareness for issues of sustainability, climate protection and resource conservation. Here we are working together on the "Romania Verde" section.

Together with the news portal "", we focus on the topic of "Digitalization in Romania" and follow current developments in this area.