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Planetary Health

Interface Between Climate and Health

This edition of “Monitor Sustainability” is dedicated to the 2022 Geneva Health Forum. Experts were searching for appropriate strategies to counter the negative effects of climate change on human health. The main theme of the conference was “Covid-19 Pandemic and Environmental Emergency: Reinventing Global Health in Times of Global Changes".

Climate change has repercussions on people’s individual health as well as on public health systems. What is more, climate change causes the spread of tropical diseases (malaria, dengue, Zika), which were originally a more regional phenomenon. Zoonoses and pandemics are the most obvious symptom of human encroachment into nature and wildlife.

The interrelationship between climate and health is being addressed in various scientific articles, national strategies or even treaties under international law (e.g., the Paris Climate Agreement). The concept of planetary health is promising and emphasises interdependencies between people, animals and the environment. People can therefore only be healthy if the planet itself is in good health. 

The conference “Geneva Health Forum” took place in Geneva from May 3 to 5. You can read about some of the topics that were discussed and also current endeavours by the Federal Government of Germany and the civil society here in our Monitor Sustainability as a PDF. 

Sustainability Monitor
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April 20, 2022
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