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Expert conference

XI. “Adenauer - Conference“: Germany’s role in international security affairs

German security policy – between commitments and capabilities

At the XI Adenauer Conference on May 10, 2023, experts from politics, academia, the military, and society will discuss the implications of Russia's war of aggression for Germany and Europe, the future of the Euro-Atlantic security architecture, the strategic challenges of a Russian-Chinese alliance for the West, and hybrid threats to our democratic societies.

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The "turn of the times" will be examined from various European and transatlantic perspectives: it is particularly evident in the Nordic countries, among others, from where the National Security Advisor of the Kingdom of Sweden, Henrik Landerholm, will open the conference with his impressions. Angus Lapsley, NATO's Assistant Secretary General for Defense Policy and Planning, will provide an update from the defense alliance's perspective.


The conference will take place at the Academy of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Tiergartenstraße 35, 10785 Berlin) and will be interpreted German/English. 



Workshops on Foreign and Security Policy


Immediately before the start of the XI Adenauer Conference on Germany's role in international security policy, we would like to create space at the Academy of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation for an intensive exchange of young foreign and security policy experts from a broad spectrum of the field. In 2x2 workshops current security policy topics will be dealt with in small groups.
The aim is to leave the comfort zone by cooperating with different security policy networks, to seek controversy and to exchange arguments. The questions, thought-provoking impulses and theses condensed here are to flow into the discussion of the panels in the afternoon. The workshops and lunch are intended to encourage networking, exchange and further development of ideas.

For more information on the workshops and the link to register, click here.




2:00 pm – Registration and Refreshments

Registration and Refreshments

2:30 pm – Welcome Remarks and Introduction

Welcome Remarks

Dr. Peter Fischer-Bollin
Head of the Division Analysis and Consulting at Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung



Henrik Landerholm (tbc)
National Security Advisor, Kingdom of Sweden

3:00 pm – Panel I: The Bundeswehr 2023: Capable of a Cold Start?

German defence capability must be rethought. How is the Bundeswehr positioned ten months after the adoption of the special fund? Is the Bundeswehr up to its task of national and alliance defence? How does society view the armed forces? Is the reserve strategy working? Have society and politics adjusted to being a leading European power?


Serap Güler MP
Member of the Defence Committee of the German Bundestag

Lieutenant General Markus Laubenthal
Deputy Inspector General of the Bundeswehr

Dr. Pia Fuhrhop
Research Division International Security at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin



Miriam Hollstein
Chief Reporter Politics of the online news portal t-online

4:00 pm – Coffee Break

Coffee Break

4:30 pm – Panel II: Strategic Realignments from the Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific

The USA updated their National Security and Defence Strategies at the end of 2022, Germany will follow suit in spring 2023 with its first own National Security Strategy. The USA, NATO and the EU name Russia as an immediate threat to global security. In addition, China is perceived as a medium-term threat to the rule-based international order. Where do Western partners see the need to adapt defence policies? Where are the similarities, where are the differences? What about support for further economic sanctions against Russia?



Angus Lapsley
Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning at NATO



Roderich Kiesewetter MP
Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag

Angus Lapsley
Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning at NATO

Rachel Rizzo
Non-resident Senior Fellow at the des Atlantic Council’s Europe Center

Dr. Élie Tenenbaum
Research Fellow, Director of Ifri's Security Studies Center (Institut français des rela-tions internationales, Paris)



Alena Kudzko
Vice President for Policy and Programming at GLOBSEC

6:15 pm – Final Remarks

Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert
Chairman of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung &
Former President of the German Bundestag

6:30 pm – Reception


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10785 Berlin
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XI. „Adenauer-Konferenz“: Germany's role in international security policy: German security policy - between obligations and capabilities
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