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Facts and Findings

In the digital transformation, trust is animportant currency

by Katharina Naumann, Dr Pencho Kuzev, Christian Echle

A worthwhile comparison with Asia

A look at Asia shows that when citizens are guided through digital transformation while government service platforms are available to them, the foundation for the „smart” state is laid. Hence oneprerequisite for digital innovation is trust in the state and an administration that is digitally literate. The involvement of civil society and business and the use of open data play a decisive role.

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Digital innovation is as much about technology and data, governments and companies as it is about people - their trust in digital technologies, the government, companies, and how they perceive their own competency in dealing with the digital age. Data protection, which is often cited as a stumbling block for European innovation, is not the decisive factor. How  is initiated plays a decisive role. Administrative platforms are proving to be the cornerstone of a digital „smart” state.

Moreover, the opening of the government and administration (Open Data) and the integration of civil society and business in the sense of Open Government are crucial. The digital transformation in Germany can be tackled more dynamically by integrating state, business and the public: To drive government innovation, data and digital literacy must be broadly established in the administration. At the same time these skills need to be communicated more widely among the population. For business-driven innovations, so-called regulatory sandboxes afford the opportunity to test innovative business models in a supervised procedure.

The full analysis of data cultures in Singapore, Taiwan and Japan and the role of trust in digital innovation can be downloaded here as a PDF.

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Katharina Naumann


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