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Data Security, Privacy and Innovation Capability in Asia

by Dr. Jochen Roose, Dr. Natalie Pang

Findings from a representative survey in Japan, Singapore and Taiwan

Data fuels digital change. With this first country comparison on data culture in Asia, we aim to investigate the ambiguous and not-at-all-clear connection between the use of digital data and the innovative capacity of economic and social systems.

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Data privacy in Japan, Singapore and Taiwan

This country comparison is the first in the field of data culture Digital innovation is as much about technology and data, governments and enterprises, as it is about people – their trust in digital technologies, the government, companies, and how they perceive their own competence in navigating the digital age. This report details findings from a representative survey of three countries – Singapore, Taiwan and Japan – of perceptions on various issues pertaining to data and digitalisation. How widespread is the use of digital devices and online platforms? How worried are people about the confidentiality of their data? Are people aware of data protection regulations and do they protect their data themselves? The study analyses these and further questions and relates them to general values and trust in relevant institutions. It sketches out the data culture in the three countries and its potential impact on digital innovation.


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