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Growing tensions in the West African "anchor of stability" Senegal

The campaign for the 2024 presidential election has begun

Senegal still has a reputation as a stable and peaceful democracy. The country is perceived as an anchor of stability in a troubled region, mainly associated with the Sahel crisis. President Macky Sall has been in power since 2012, currently in his second term. According to the constitution, a third is not foreseen. However, there are increasing indications that one cannot be ruled out - Macky Sall himself has not yet clearly stated his intentions in this regard. This is being received negatively by the population and comparisons are being drawn with the situation in 2012: Macky Sall's predecessor, Abdoulaye Wade, harboured similar aspirations then and lost the election campaign. Political opponents like Ousmane Sonko are building their own election campaign in large part on the rejection of such a third term. In this respect, the next elections could be a turning point in the country's longstanding democratic tradition.

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