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Restoring Balance to Digital Competition – Sensible Rules, Effective Enforcement

by Philip Marsden, Dr. Rupprecht Podszun

Traditional businesses and civil society are increasingly dependent on large online platforms. How can we restore the balance to digital competition?

The study by Professors Marsden and Podszun draws on their deep professional experience and presents a pragmatic framework for use of the New Competition Tool, as well as asymmetric ex ante regulation by the European Commission. The design of this framework sticks to the principles of the social market economy because it reaffirms the values that should govern our vision for living in a digitized economy: free competition, fair intermediation, and sovereignty of users in decision making.

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Europe is experiencing something that is unprecedented in the economy. The characteristics of the platform economy affect the entire society and merit special attention. “After years of discussion, it is now time to legislate and act” find Marsden and Podszun. Their study on behalf of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is about how to restore the balance of digital competition in Europe and was produced for the European Data Summit during the German Presidency of the Council.

At the European Data Summit we interviewed Prof. Dr. Philip Mardsen and Prof. Dr. Rupprecht Podzun, which you can see here:

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