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Bulgaria: Trust in Media Is Still Low

Almost two thirds of Bulgarians are convinced that the media in their country are not reporting independently. Moreover, only every tenth describes journalists as trustworthy. The EU and Germany enjoy the highest institutional confidence. These are the main results of a national representative survey commissioned by the Media Programme South East Europe of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS).

No Changes Concerning Media Freedom in Bulgaria

Still only ten percent of Bulgarians believe in independent reporting in their country – thereby, the low value from the previous year is confirmed. Besides that, the majority of respondents (63 percent) state that the press is dependent. Trust in journalistic work is also low: only nine percent of respondents think that journalists are credible. Almost every third does not trust their reporting. “For an EU Member State such low results are alarming,” says Hendrik Sittig, Head of the KAS Media Programme South East Europe. “Media can only fulfil their observer and controlling role in a democracy, if they work independently from politics and business. Only then the trust in reporting can be increased again.”


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