Europäisches Parlament / Pietro Naj-Oleari


EPP Party Barometer May 2022

The Situation of the European People’s Party in the EU

The EPP Party Barometer illustrates the strength of the European party families in current opinion polls - with a particular focus on the European People's Party (EPP).

The EPP family is the strongest political family in opinion polls in eight countries, the socialist family (PES) in seven (in eight if you add the Slovak social democratic “Hlas”, which is not yet officially a PES member). In Austria, the EPP and the PES are on an equal footing. The Liberals/Renew are ahead in four, the Eurosceptic national conservative ECR and the far-left group GUE/NGL in one country each. In Hungary, Fidesz was ahead (unaffiliated) and in three countries (Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria) formally independent parties or alliances comprising several party families were ahead.

The EPP, Socialists and Liberals are about equally strong in the increasingly fragmented European Council. If elections for the European Parliament were held now, the EPP would only be narrowly ahead (about 13 seats) of the Socialists and Social Democrats.

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