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Geneva Barometer

by Dr. Olaf Wientzek, Sarah Ultes, Cedric Amon, Dr. Anja Maria Rittner, Lea Simon

Developments among Geneva-based international organisations from end-April to mid-July 2023

The ‘Geneva Barometer’ takes an occasional look at selected developments among international organizations based in Geneva.

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Traditionally, the months leading up to the start of summer are busy in international Geneva, with the World Health Assembly (WHA), the ILO's main annual conference, the International Labour Conference and a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council all taking place. Added to that, in early July, was the annual summit on artificial intelligence. Worrying figures were published by the UN Refugee Agency in its annual report, and alarming words also came from the WMO. Several organizations focused on the dramatic situation in Sudan. At the same time, preparations are underway for important milestones in the coming year: At the WHO, there was initial movement in the discussions on the pandemic treaty, and at the WTO, critical dossiers are progressing at different speeds with a view to the ministerial conference next year.

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