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African Fact-checkers on KAS-Dialogue Programme in Berlin and Brussels

KAS Media Africa Supports African Fact-Checkers as they Meet Colleagues in Berlin and Brussels

That dialogue with social networks seems to be as difficult in Europe as it is in Africa, was one of the findings that fact-checkers from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal made on a recent KAS-study tour to Berlin and Brussels in late August 2022.

In discussions with government, European Union (EU) institutions and research labs on Artificial Intelligence, the five fact-checkers deliberated the particular challenges they face in their work.

The urban elites who use social media are the ones whose posts are difficult to flag, said Noko Makgato, Executive Director of Africa Check. Misinformation in Africa often happens offline, on radio, and therefore requires special responses.

The fact that institutions in government in Berlin and EU-bodies in Brussels are aware of the threat posed by misinformation but provide relatively few staff to counter it, left the participants wondering if wealthy Europe could not do far more to address the problem.  


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