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Poland as a strong security guarantor on NATO’s eastern flank

by David Gregosz, Dr. Daniel Lemmen, Benjamin Urban

What can a successful modernization of the Polish armed forces mean for Europe and Germany?

Core elements of Polish security and defense policy are a strong perception of the threat posed by Russia, strong ties to NATO and intensive bilateral relations with the USA. A hallmark of Polish defense policy is a strengthening of security resilience, which is being consistently pursued despite the change of government. The radical modernization of the armed forces is being achieved through increased funding (3.9 percent of GDP), a new concept of general defense, a planned increase in troops and new purchases of mostly US equipment. The Republic of Poland will not become a security guarantor for Eastern Europe in the medium term without foreign arms imports. This requires European and American support, coordination and scaling. If this succeeds, the eastern flank would be more secure than ever in history.

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The full-lenght publication is only available in German.

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