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Facts and Findings

The European Union – A Global Player on Shaky Foundations

Results of the Panorama-Analysis 2023

The Panorama-Analysis 2023 provides a comprehensive insight into the current development of the European Union (EU) and its environment in a year-on-year comparison. The analysis presents a multithematic assessment of the current situation in the areas of innovation and competitiveness, the European policy orientation of the member states and the global environment. By using qualitative and quantitative indicators, the analysis provides sound insights into current trends and developments.

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The results of the Panorama-Analysis 2023 show several opposing trends: On the one hand, progress in sustainability and societal resilience is stagnating, while on the other hand, progress is being made in research and innovation. The EU's economic foundation appears to be crumbling, weighed down by high inflation and bureaucratic regulations. Nevertheless, there is progress in the EU's political capacity to act and in global connectivity. The EU's role as a global foreign policy actor is being highlighted by member states, especially after the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine. However, the security environment remains tense. The report stresses that an active EU global foreign policy is needed to counter these challenges and that the EU should seize its window of opportunity.

The entire analysis “The European Union – A Global Player on Shaky Foundations. Results of the Panorama-Analysis 2023” can be read here as a PDF. 

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