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ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Journal

Ideas for evidence-based energy policies and strategies in West Africa

The ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Journal (ESEJ) is a peer reviewed journal published annually by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE), Achada Santo Antonio, C.P 288, Praia, Cape Verde. ESEJ is aligned with the objective of ECREEE which is to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency markets in West Africa by addressing technical, financial, policy and regulatory barriers. Moreover, with the ongoing energy landscape transformation in the region the importance of having relevant, evidence-based knowledge to aid in decision-making cannot be overemphasized. By increasing the knowledge level of decision makers, science has played a key role in shaping the energy landscape, influencing decisions to cater for the needs of the present and, even, future generations. For the ECOWAS region, with issues of data availability and scarcity of country-specific research studies, the need to stimulate and cultivate the development of scientific, yet policy relevant, research projects have never been more pressing, especially in light of the region’s sustainable development ambitions. Through its link with the ECOWAS Youth Leadership Development in Energy, ESEJ particularly aims to gives a voice to West African youth, by providing a platform through which they may contribute to informing decisions in the energy sector in the region. The editors and publisher assumes no responsibility for the views and statements advanced by the contributors to their publication.

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Michelle Nambiro




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Cette série informe de manière concentrée sur les positions importantes de la Fondation Konrad-Adenauer sur les questions d'actualité. Les différents numéros présentent les principales conclusions et recommandations, offrent de brèves analyses, expliquent les projets futurs de la Fondation et désignent les personnes de contact du KAS.

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