Asia and the Pacific

Asia's political, economic and ecological importance is growing rapidly. The KAS promotes political exchange in order to build bridges between Asia and Europe. Furthermore, the foundation also supports democratic developments in the region - with 21 foreign offices and five regional programmes.

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Our locations in the region Asia & Pacific

Asia & Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region offers a unique diversity of political systems. That is why KAS is present in almost every country in Asia today and cooperates with diverse local and national partners from politics, civil society, business, science and the media.

All countries are undergoing rapid change: China and India are experiencing a strong economic upswing, Myanmar is democratizing, and the Korean peninsula remains a hot spot of geopolitical tension.

Consequently, our priorities are very diverse:

  • ​​​​​​​Cooperation with political centre parties
  • Promotion of the rule of law, constitutional reform, anti-corruption and ethics
  • Regulatory dialogue on the creation and maintenance of economic and social policy
  • Creation of sustainable democratic structures and institutions
  • Advice to governments and parliaments
  • Commitment to political participation and human rights
  • Cooperation with civil society and the media
  • Promotion of decentralisation processes
  • Dialogueon environmental policy, climate change and energy security
  • Foreign and security policy dialogue within the region as well as with Europe and Germany

In Berlin

The Asia and Pacific regional team in Berlin manages the work of the international offices strategically and administratively. We bring analyses and first-hand experience into the German and European debate and are in contact with parliaments, ministries, think tanks and foreign embassies. In lectures and conferences we inform the interested public about current developments and discuss the impact of the region on Germany and Europe.

We receive delegations from the region who want to learn about and network on various topics.