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In view of the enormous challenges of the “Energiewende”, every new German government must ask itself the following question: How can we reconcile our long-term goal with the need to ensure a reliable, cost-effective and resource-saving energy supply also in the short to medium term? What’s more, with its “Energiewende”, Germany aspires to play an international leading role – from political, economic, ecological, social, technological, geo-strategic and security policy points of view. Against this backdrop, four international experts analyze the progress made so far and make recommendations.

Key Points

  • The rapid expansion of renewable energies in the area of electricity can be seen as a partial success of the Energiewende so far, but at a very high cost through high electricity prices.
  • The urgently needed expansion and conversion of the power grid continues to be too slow and must be accelerated through appropriate legislation.
  • The European context of the Energiewende, in view of its central importance, must be given much more attention in the future.
  • From an international perspective, the Energiewende is not yet perceived as a model for other countries, but does offer valuable experience and knowledge.
  • If its further implementation is successful, the Energiewende could be inspirational to other countries and become a model for success.


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