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Selected contributions to the series with international relevance

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The quality of early childhood education is what counts

Pedagogical quality of early childhood education as central factor for educational equality

In recent years, early childhood education has experienced a strong quantitative expansion, which must be continued. The pedagogical quality of early childhood education is central to children's development and their further educational progress. It is a decisive factor for educational equality that can be controlled by educational policy. A monitoring system for the collection and evaluation of current data is necessary in order to shape educational policy, the actions of the institutions and the pedagogical work on site in an even more targeted and empirically sound manner.

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Perspectives in science: On the question of good working conditions for doctoral students & postdocs

Interview with Prof. Dr. Björn Schumacher: What framework conditions do scientists need in early career phases?

Improving the prospects for scientists in early career phases is an important political task - with consequences not only for young scientists themselves, but for the science system as a whole. There are already many contributions to the discussion, especially from the perspective of young scientists, associations and the management levels of affected institutions. But how do reputable scientists who are actively involved in research assess the working conditions and prospects of doctoral students and postdocs?

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You can't do it without science: NGOs and their political influence

On the way to more sustainability, NGOs have great influence. However, their political advice is only helpful if it is based on science and not just ideology.

The influence of environmental and nature conservation NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) has been increasing for years. In politics and society, their work is often viewed positively, as they seem to represent the "good cause" for the environment and nature. They stage themselves in the role of David – fighting Goliath to expose alleged corporate self-interest. If NGOs orient themselves less on ideologies and more on scientific facts, their role in political and social consultation can be assessed positively. Ideally, they complement scientific policy advice.

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The European Union – A Global Player on Shaky Foundations

Results of the Panorama-Analysis 2023

The Panorama-Analysis 2023 provides a comprehensive insight into the current development of the European Union (EU) and its environment in a year-on-year comparison. The analysis presents a multithematic assessment of the current situation in the areas of innovation and competitiveness, the European policy orientation of the member states and the global environment. By using qualitative and quantitative indicators, the analysis provides sound insights into current trends and developments.

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Manipulation and Disinformation in the Metaverse

What Are the Challenges and How to Counter Them?

New virtual communication spaces such as the Metaverse enable even better immersion in a fictitious, yet very real, environment. In this environment, there is an even stronger mixing of entertainment and information. Therefore, disinformation as well as manipulation can be absorbed more intensively there. What exactly do we have to adjust to with this technology and how can disinformation be countered in these communication spaces?

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Causes of the New Year's Eve riots

The socio-spatial background of street violence

New Year's Eve 2022/2023 resulted in riots and violence in several German cities. Emergency services and police increasingly became the target of violent attacks. These events have reignited a debate about the socio-spatial context of street violence. Especially after Federal Minister of the Interior and Community, Nancy Faeser, publicly commented on specific problems of young immigrants in Germany. This publication addresses the causes of violence and its consequences.

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The Russian Orthodox Church's Disempowerment of Society

Analysis for the Empowerment of the War Enthusiasts

The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and Putin's regime are very close. The ROC provides the ideological superstructure for Putin's agenda and empowers the war-mongers in society. At the same time, it promotes indifference and cynicism regarding public affairs. Foreseeably, however, the ROC's propaganda is reaching its limits, as it is finding less of a hearing among post-Soviet socialized age groups and lacks a forward-looking vision.

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Undersea cables as critical infrastructure and geopolitical power tool

Why undersea cables must be better protected

The undersea cable infrastructure is currently still without alternative for data transmission. At the same time, threat scenarios for undersea cables are increasing and they are coming into focus as part of hybrid warfare. What are the current threats and how can we better protect the critical infrastructure underwater?


Das Metaverse

Nicht das neue Internet und kein Grund für politischen Aktionismus

Große IT-Unternehmen bewerben das Metaverse als „The Next Big Thing“. Gleichzeitig sind die vorhandenen „Metaversen“ nicht mehr als Unterhaltungsprodukte der „Virtual Reality“, die wenig Anschlussfähigkeit für alltägliche Aufgaben außerhalb der Spielebranche aufweisen. Der Ist-Zustand bleibt somit hinter Aussagen der Werbung zurück. Für die Politik muss das bedeuten nicht in Aktivismus zu verfallen, sondern sich auf die Kernthemen guter Digitalpolitik zu konzentrieren. 

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 Have we learnt anything from the Corona Pandemic?

The Monkeypox as the next Stress Test for more Global Distributive Justice

The Monkeypox outbreak highlights renewed deficiencies in the global response to health crises: Once again, available vaccines and medicines have not reached where they were most needed. Instead, stockpiling tendencies by the few rich countries have once again become apparent. For more distributive justice, on the other hand, it would make sense to strive for a continuation of the COVAX vaccine initiative beyond autumn 2022.

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