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Just like any institution, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung relies primarily on its committed employees.

The foundation currently employees some 1,600 people; 650 of which work in Germany, mainly in our headquarters in Berlin, but also in Sankt Augustin and in our political educational forums and regional offices. More than 100 colleagues are active in our over 100 offices around the world, where we also employ in excess of 900 local employees.

If you wish to get in contact with one of our experts, you’ll find all the information you need here with a selection of the most important contact partners on our topics as well as the division heads. Don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Christina Baade

Desk Officer in the Department Middle East and North Africa

Dr. Christine Bach

Referentin Zeitgeschichte

Ingo F.J. Badoreck

Director Rule of Law Programme Sub-Saharan Africa (Francophone Countries)

Miguel Ángel Barboza López

Project coordinator

Michael Bauer

Head of KAS Office Lebanon

Tillmann Bauer

Referent für politische Bildung

Gabriele Baumann

Head of the KAS Office Nordic countries

Dr. Ralf Thomas Baus

Referent "Die Politische Meinung"

Dr. Šimon Bačkovský

Head of Division Doctoral and Habilitation Scholarship Programme

Norbert Beckmann-Dierkes

Head of the KAS office in Bulgaria Acting Head of the Albania Office

Christina Bellmann

Transatlantic Relations

Alexander Beribes

Western Balkans / Southeastern Europe

Anja Berretta

Head of the Energy Security and Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa programme

Dr. Cedric Bierganns

Referent Sicherheitspolitik und Bundeswehr, Büro Bundesstadt Bonn

Thomas Birringer

Deputy Head of Division Analysis and Consulting

Teresa Blatt

Referentin Regionalbüro Rheinland, Politisches Bildungsforum NRW

Dr. Jochen Blind

Press spokesman

Ing. Hans-Hartwig Blomeier

Head of the KAS office Mexico

Malte Bock

Referent Regionalbüro Westfalen, Politisches Bildungsforum NRW

Henri Bohnet

Policy Advisor for Southern Africa, Media and Political Parties Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr. Michael Borchard

Leiter Wissenschaftliche Dienste / Archiv für Christlich-Demokratische Politik

Christoph Bors

Landesbeauftragter und Leiter Politisches Bildungsforum Niedersachsen

Senada Bratić

Referentin für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit im Auslandsbüro Bosnien und Herzegowina

Rabea Brauer

Country Representative Japan/ Director of Economic Programme Asia (SOPAS)

Michaela Braun

Desk Officer for Central America and Mexico

Daniela Braun

Head of the Philippines Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Daniel Braun

Head of Office in North Macedonia and Kosovo

Philipp Bremer

Head of the Rule of Law Program Middle East and North Africa

Dr. Stefanie Brinkel

Policy Advisor for Central Africa, Climate and EWoH (Projects "One World – No Hunger") Sub-Saharan Africa

Christine Brunzel

Referentin Medienanalyse und -archiv

Gerd Bugge


Philipp Burkhardt

Country Officer in the Middle East and North Africa Department

Dr. Sandra Busch-Janser

Stellvertretende Leiterin Politische Bildung und Leiterin Politische Bildungsforen

Felix Bäuml

Advisor to the Head of Political Education Forums

Beate Kaiser

Policy Advisor at the Westphalia Regional Office and Head of the Women’s Council

Martina Kaiser

Internal Project Coordination

Mathias Kamp

Policy Advisor for East Africa and Multilateral Issues Sub-Saharan Africa

Caroline Kanter

Deputy Head of the Division European and International Cooperation

Jakob Kerstan

Head of the Congo Office and Project Manager of the EU co-financed project "Great Lakes Youth Network for Dialogue and Peace"

Dr. David Khunchukashvili

Consultant for the Doctoral Scholarship Programme (R02) | Managing Director of the Doctoral Programms "Sicherheit und Entwicklung im 21. Jahrhundert” | Promotionskolleg "Demokratien in Europa. Transformationen nach 1990"

Anna Kim

Referentin Medienanalyse und -archiv

Edwina Kinderknecht


Natalie Klauser

Demographic change and integration policy

Andreas Michael Klein

Director Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia

Dr. Angelika Klein

Head of the Evaluation Unit

Kerstin Klenovsky

Sekretärin / Sachbearbeiterin

Dr. Joachim Klose

Landesbeauftragter für die Bundeshauptstadt Berlin, Leiter des Politischen Bildungsforums Berlin und Leiter Grundlagenforum

Dr. Thomas S. Knirsch

Stv. Leiter Politische Bildung und Leiter Bildungsmanagement

Snezana Kocijancic

Consultant for digital learning | Adenauer Campus

Dr. Johannes Christian Koecke

Referent Politische Grundsatzfragen und Internationale Politik, Büro Bundesstadt Bonn

Dr. Christina Catherine Krause

Head of Department International Politics and Security Affairs

Franziska Kriwall

Sekretärin des Generalsekretärs

Konstantin Krome

German Armed Forces and Civil Affairs

Matthias Krüger

Referent M‍e‍d‍i‍e‍n‍a‍n‍a‍l‍y‍s‍e und ‑a‍r‍c‍h‍i‍v

Steffen Krüger

Head of Egypt Office

Dr. Thomas Kunze

Representative Office in Albania

Lukas Kupfernagel

Head of Ethiopia & African Union Office

Gereon Kuriewicz

Referent Politische Bildung

Dr Pencho Kuzev

Data and the Competition Policy

Susanne Käss

Head of KAS Argentina / Head of KAS Brazil (acting)

Markus Köhler M.A.

Sachbearbeiter Medienanalyse und -archiv

Dr. Oliver Salten

Referent Schriftgutarchiv

Stefan Samse

Director Rule of Law Programme Asia

Daniel Schaper

Desk Officer Document Archive

Dr. Stefan Johann Schatz

Head of Training Promotion Project

Martin Schebesta

Policy Advisor Energy and Resources

Marcel Schepp

International Party Dialogue

Dr. Felicitas Schikora

Labor Market and Social Policy

Dr. Julia Schilling

Referentin „Senkrechtstarter“ und Ausbildungsförderung

Christian Schleicher

Head of Team Educational Institutions South

Caroline Schmidt

Refugee and Migration Officer

Dr. Susanna Schmidt

Head of Department

Dr. Christian Schmitz

International issues in civic education

Dr. Daniel Schmücking

Head of the Department of Political Communication and the Adenauer Campus

Dr. Georg Schneider

Referent Wirtschaftspolitik, Büro Bundesstadt Bonn

Dr. Mechthild Scholl

Research Assistant

Dr. Thomas Schrapel

Director of the Regional Programme Political Dialogue South Caucasus

Dr. Andreas Schulze

Research Assistant

Dr. Annette Schwandner

Head of the Kenya Office

Annette Schwarzbauer

Leiterin des Auslandsbüros Venezuela

Matthias Schäfer

Leiter des Auslandsbüros Algerien

Jan Senkyr

Advisor Foreign and Security Policy

Bunny Sereivathna

Program Officer

Michael Sieben


Hendrik Sittig

Director Media Programme Sub-Saharan Africa

Christian Stadler

Tax and Finances

Stefan Stahlberg

Referent Zeitgeschichte

Christiane Stahr

Referentin für Kommunikation und Vermarktung

Daniela Stech

Sekretärin / Sachbearbeiterin

Amelie Stelzner-Doğan

German Armed Forces and Civil Affairs

Bernhard Stengel

Research Assistant

Prof. Dr. Burkard Steppacher

Leiter Kooperation Altstipendiaten

Dr. Christina Stolte

Desk Officer for the Andean States, the Rule of Law Programme Latin America and the Regional Programme Political Partizipation of Indigenous People in Latin America

Nicole Stopfer

Leiterin Regionalprogramm Energiesicherheit und Klimawandel Lateinamerika

Sabine Stoye

Executive Advisor

Andreas Struck

Research Assistant

Dr. Denis Suarsana

Head of the KAS office in Indonesia/Timor-Leste

Petra Wachter

Program Officer Digital Formats, Department International Dialogue Programs

Fabian Wagener

Desk Officer for Multimedia

Dr. Christine Wagner

Policy Advisor for Private Financing

Dr. Gerhard Wahlers

Deputy Secretary General and Head of the Division European and International Cooperation

Tobias Wangermann


Anna Wasserfall

Policy Advisor for West Africa and Digital Formats Sub-Saharan Africa

Winfried Weck

Head of the regional program "Alliances for Democracy and Development with Latin America" ​​ADELA and the Panama Office

Isabel Weininger

Staff Abroad

Sebastian Weise

Digital Democracy

Sebastian Weise

Referent Politisches Bildungsforum Berlin

Florian Weitzker

Referent für Texte und Kommunikation

Marian Wendt

Head of the Greece and Cyprus Office

Bertil Wenger

Director Regional Programme Australia and the Pacific

Martina Wenk

Sekretärin und Sachbearbeiterin Politisches Bildungsforum Saarland

Dr. Olaf Wientzek

Director of the Multinational Development Policy Dialogue Brussels

Annette Wilbert

Referentin Methodik und Didaktik, Bildungsmanagement

Dr. Jan Woischnik

Head of the Department Latin America

Thomas Wolf

Leiter Regionalbüro Südbaden des Politisches Bildungsforums Baden-Württemberg

Daphne Wolter

Head of the Department Democracy, Law and Political Parties / Media

Dr. Jan Philipp Wölbern

Deputy Head of the Ukraine Office

Sabina Wölkner

Head of Department 2030 Agenda

Jakob Wöllenstein

Leiter des Auslandsbüros Belarus

Nils Wörmer

Head of Regional Program Security Dialogue for East Africa

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Contact Persons

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Markus Rosenberger

Markus Rosenberger bild

Head of Human Resources Domestic +49 30 26996- 3664 +49 30 26996-53664