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Aug. 24, 2006

“Prompt Global Strike” - A New US Strategy Takes Shape

At the core of the new strategy is the concept of “Prompt Global Strikes”, the aim of which is to have the capacity to destroy nearly any target worldwide in very little time. What are the causes and consequences of this change in strategy, hardly taken note of in Europe? What problems might develop and where might transatlantic consultation be advisable?

May 24, 2006

“Global Partnership”: A New Conflict Within NATO?

Throughout the last several months, the concept of “Global Partnership” has been causing headaches in the alliance. The United States has been working to implement an institutional framework within NATO in order to intensify global cooperation with the so-called “likeminded states” – states with a Western orientation. This is intended to be one of the primary results of the NATO summit to be held in Riga, Latvia, in November 2006. While Washington views the proposed “Global Partnership Forum” as an important step in modernizing the alliance to face the realities of the post- September 11th world, the majority of European NATO members are critical of the idea of a new committee with global membership. The Europeans’ concerns have arisen partly due to a lack of understanding of the proposed [...]

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