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Social media on the rise

The number of people in Uganda who have access to the Internet is continuously growing. Due to the power of social media, more and more people find it attractive to communicate via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and others. But there are many voices within government who want to regulate social media networks. Does that mean, the free space which social media creates is jeopardized? July 18, 2016 more...

Policy briefing No. 3 "2016 Status of Women Empowerment in Asia"

Asian Women Parliamentarian Caucus (AWPC) Meeting Outcomes at the 4th International Women Deliver Conference
The global gender equality gap persists for many reasons and it primarily centers on i) the lack of funding, ii) data and iii) inclusion of women in the processes and institutions that matter for sustainable development. In this policy briefing, we address the political actors on why and how they may approach these three main areas of intervention when it comes to normalizing and campaigning for gender equality in political parties, policy and institutional processes as well as civic spaces. Dilpreet Kaur, July 18, 2016 more...

Norway´s government seeks for renewal of the national budget

Norway has to reduce its dependence on mineral oil
The decline of prices of mineral oil from about 110 USD (around 97 Euro) per barrel in summer 2014 to the current price of under 50 USD (around 44 Euro) endangers Norway's wealth. The development of the oil and gas prices has been weaker than expected, although the oil prices have slightly increased again in the last two months. That is why the Norwegian state has to balance out lower income from the mineral oil activities. At the same time, state oil funds grow slower than predicted. André Oktay-Dahl, Elisabeth Bauer, Inken Sittler, July 12, 2016 more...

"Regional integration does not come naturally"

A KAS.DE interview with Dr. Beatrice Gorawantschy about the reactions in Southeast Asia to the Brexit referendum
The result of the British EU referendum shook not only Europe; it also had notable impacts on the Asian financial markets. “Southeast Asia will draw its lessons from the European developments,” Dr. Beatrice Gorawantschy says in an interview with The region is characterised by conflicts and could benefit from more cooperation and a new security network. Beatrice Gorawantschy, July 7, 2016 more...

Iceland´s new president starts his mandate with a historical novelity

Political newcomer Gudni Johannesson wins elections
On the first days after his election, the new President and political newcomer Gudni Johannesson could witness Icelands Football National team kicking out England with 2:1 of the European Championship. Elisabeth Bauer, Janis Krastins, July 1, 2016 more...

Policy briefing No. 2 "New Migrations and the challenges of integration in Europe, Australia and New Zealand"

Europe and Australasia are traditional receiving regions of migration and refugees. Countries in both continents have developed diverse policy measures to meet the challenges arising from this and integrate arriving people into their respective societies. Thus, an exchange between the two regions to learn from each other’s experiences can bring about new approaches to this phenomenon. This policy briefing provides a summary of an expert conference that addressed recent developments regarding refugees and temporary migrants, immediate actions to foster integration and long-term strategies. Katharina Naumann, June 23, 2016 more...

Und wer fragt das Volk?

Country report Johannes D. Rey, June 13, 2016 more...

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