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Cover: Strengthening the concept of Early Warning & Early Action for Disaster Risk Reduction & Food Security

Sep. 6, 2018

Strengthening the concept of Early Warning & Early Action for Disaster Risk Reduction & Food Security

This publication is a summary of seven discussion papers generated from successful applicants who submitted their discussion papers in respond to a call for papers by KAS. The publication begins by setting the geographical and social cultural context of Baringo and West Pokot counties. The main aim of this call for papers was to help refine existing knowledge on early warning within the area of food security in Baringo and West Pokot Counties.

Cover: Government reshuffling in Belarus

Aug. 27, 2018

Government reshuffling in Belarus

Background and outlook

On August 18, 2018 the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko performed a quick and massive transformation of his government. The country got a new head of the government, four new vice prime ministers and also four new ministers with substantial areas of responsibility. This was triggered, quite commonly for Belarus, by the dissatisfaction of the head of the state with the execution of his instructions by the government regarding the economic development – especially in the Orsha district in the East of Belarus. However there are more reasons for this move.

Aug. 23, 2018

KAS Study on Use of Early Warning Systems & Integration of Data in Political Planning in West Pokot and Baringo Counties

This report is an account of a baseline study carried out in West Pokot and Baringo Counties on the utilization of EWS information in political planning by KAS. The study was informed by the fact that food emergency needs persist in the ASAL counties of Kenya despite availability of EWS data. The study thus, sought to investigate the notion that EWS information is not adequately incorporated in political planning.

Cover: The European Games in Minsk 2019

Aug. 3, 2018

The European Games in Minsk 2019

About relationship between sports and politics

Following the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia 2018, the German Bundestag on June 14, 2018 among other things intensively debated the political framework conditions in Russia and the connection between sports and politics. In 2019 the union sister state of Russia, the Republic of Belarus, is expected to host the European Games. Which framework conditions must be expected and considered here?

Cover: National Elections in Cambodia

Aug. 2, 2018

National Elections in Cambodia

Hun Sen remains Prime Minister

On 29 July, Cambodia held elections for its sixth National Assembly (NA). Ac-cording to preliminary election results, the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) claims to have bettered all its rivals by winning every seat in Parliament and securing Hun Sen as Prime Minister.

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