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Vow Renewal

Jordan and the US at the Beginning of the Trump Era
While Donald Trump’s executive orders and the focus of his administration on “America first” have left many political leaders in the world with sentiments ranging from apprehension and anticipation to dread and fear, the relationship between the United States and the Jordanian government is stronger than ever. Manuel Schubert, Stefanie Turkanik, Mona Deeb, Imke Haase, May 4, 2017 more...

A prisoner as a beacon of hope?

Interview with Fadwa Barghouti
The Fatah politician Marwan Barghouti has been jailed in Israel for the last 15 years. His wife, Fadwa Barghouti, explains how he views the current state of affairs in Palestine. Marc Frings, Abeer Zaghari, Apr. 13, 2017 more...

Is the UN on the cusp of changing times?

Background information and a first assessment of the budget cuts announced by the new US government.
Newly elected US President Donald J. Trump submitted his first draft budget on 16 March 2017. In addition to important increases in the defense budget, cutbacks were announced to the draft budgets for the departments of foreign and environmental affairs. In particular, the proposed cuts to the State Department budget could have a significant impact on the work of the United Nations as the United States is currently the greatest individual donor to the UN as a whole. This explains why the latest announcements from Washington have been met with great concern on the East River. Stefan Friedrich, Apr. 3, 2017 more...

Merkel visiting Trump: “much better to talk to one another”

Consequences for the European Union
After the German Federal Chancellor's first encounter with president Donald Trump, the need for an intensive trans-atlantic dialogue between the EU and the USA appears greater than ever. Nico Lange, Mar. 22, 2017 more...

Would Trump prefer 28 phone numbers?

How does the new US administration perceive the EU? How does it envisage its relations with Europe in the key areas of trade and security? Which policies are think tanks close to the government recommending, and what do other political experts think about the future of the Trump administration’s policy towards Europe? This analysis attempts to provide possible answers to these questions. Céline-Agathe Caro, Mar. 22, 2017 more...

Brasília under investigation

President Michel Temer may have to fear for his mandate
The "Lava Jato" i.e. "Carwash" corruption investigations involving the state-run oil company Petrobras have been bringing out new corruption charges on a near daily basis. Meanwhile the corruption investigations could also pose a threat to the mandate of current president Michel Temer (PMDB). Jan Woischnik, Alexandra Steinmeyer, Mar. 13, 2017 more...

Transatlantic relations remain of supreme importance

#AdenauerInterview with Klaus Schüler, Federal Manager of the CDU party
Klaus Schüler, federal manager of the CDU – the political party of Angela Merkel – has been familiar with US-politics for a long time. Nico Lange was talking to him on the sidelines of an Adenauer event in Washington D.C. about the Trump presidency and transatlantic cooperation. Nico Lange, Mar. 9, 2017 more...

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The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is represented with its own office in around 70 countries on five continents. The foreign employees can give first-hand reports on current happenings and long-term developments in their respective countries. Their "country reports" offer visitors to the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung exclusive evaluations, background information and forecasts.