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Green Business Gazette

Issue 8

Issue 8 of the Green Business Gazette focuses on sustainability issues affecting different sectors of the economy.
This Issue focuses on environmental topics including climate change and children. Change in weather and climatic conditions driven by human activities such as use of fossil fuels for energy and transportation is causing unacceptable detrimental effects on children who have less understanding towards the calamity they face. The issue also assesses the emerging threat of End of Life Vehicle waste in Zimbabwe. The focus is on how waste is becoming a sustainability issue in both residential and commercial areas. Nanotechnology is also assessed as a potential answer to sustainable development challenges affecting the world. Finally, we assess the role of green buildings in energy saving and also dealing with climate change. Key examples of buildings such as Eastgate in Zimbabwe are given assessed and explained in order to determine demonstrate the potential energy savings.

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Die Reihe informiert in konzentrierter Form über Analysen der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung zu relevanten aktuellen Themen. Die einzelnen Ausgaben stellen zentrale Ergebnisse und Empfehlungen eigener und externer Expertinnen und Experten vor, bieten Kurzanalysen von rund fünf Seiten und nennen KAS-Ansprechpartnerinnen.

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