The Path to Success: How Women-owned Businesses Transform in the Era of Digitalization

Case Studies from Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Myanmar

Jointly conducted with Woomentum, the research looks at the effects of digitalization on WSMEs’ (1) access to financing, (2) access to mentoring, networking, and skills, (3) business process and management, as well as (4) COVID-19 crisis management. The common WSME challenges across four countries are highlighted in the introductory chapter. The chapter also discusses a general framework, comprising both policy and practical recommendations that governments and private organizations can take on to encourage women entrepreneurs to take advantage of the opportunities that digitalization offers. The succeeding chapters include country studies on Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar. The country case studies provide a more in-depth analysis of the general findings introduced in the first chapter.



Foreword from Woomentum

Foreword from Konrad-Adenaurer-Stiftung


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Executive Summary


1 Digitalization for Women-owned SMEs in Southeast Asia


2 Indonesia Case Study


3 Myanmar Case Study


​​​​​​​​​​​​​4 Malaysia Case Study


5 Cambodia Case Study




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