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Briefing Paper: The 2021 Swedish OSCE Chairpersonship

von Mathilde Roedenbeck

KAS Nordic Countries Project intern Mathilde Roedenbeck takes a look at the ongoing challenges for European Security and the issues facing Sweden's 2021 OSCE Chairpersonship.

OSCE and Sweden as 2021 OSCE Chairperson are facing challenges to rebuild European Security and the trust for the OSCE process. The questions is, what can the Swedish chairpersonship and the OSCE actually achieve? What are Germany's expectations and contributions to maintaining the basic principles of the OSCE-based European security order? In this briefing paper, the intern of the KAS Nordic Countries Project Mathilde Roedenbeck takes a closer look on the ongoing challenges for European Security and the most pressing issues facing Sweden during its 2021 OSCE Chairpersonship.

Mathilde Roedenbeck

Intern at the KAS Nordic Countries Project


Mikko von Bremen

Mikko  von Bremen (2020)

Projektkoordinator und Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

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