Internship report Chale Gobbet

Chale, a Global Studies Master student from Freiburg in Germany, has been with the India office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung for two months and handled a wide range of tasks in the program department.
Hi, my name is Chale and I worked as an intern for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung India office in Delhi for seven weeks. I took on the position after spending several months completing my third semester of my Freiburg based Masters of Global Studies Programme at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Through the valuable insight I got into Indian society, history, problems and politics during the semester at JNU as well as some travels in different regions of the country, I was lucky enough to experience the sheer diversity India has to offer.

Living in Delhi

Regarding Delhi, once one is acclimatised to it, the city is a dynamic place. Of course there are many problems such as it being one of the most polluted metropoles, the severe road congestion, high rates of homicide and violence and a high level of inequality. Also the weather is something one has to constantly adapt to, ranging from surprisingly cold temperatures in winter to close to 50 degrees in the summer and the sticky extremely humid monsoon season that follows it. However; many parks, high quality educational institutes, abundant historical marvels such as the Red Fort and others such as Qutab Minar or Humayun’s Tomb to name a few, also a plethora of amazing and different food (both from all over India and the world), many cool events or things to experience and a diverse array of people are some of many things this city has to offer. Moreover, despite the congested traffic, travelling throughout Delhi is very easy with many different modes of transport available throughout most of the day and night. I was fortunate enough to live on JNU campus, a very unique place surrounded by wild forest and greenery with an abundance of animals and many good places to eat and hang out, a high level of education and many diverse, interesting and welcoming people.

Working at KAS

Focusing on my internship, it is sure to say that I learnt a lot with KAS and that this internship presented me with an excellent opportunity to see how such a foundation works. The main areas of focus for KAS such as foreign and security policy, economic and energy policy, local self-governance and the way in which they collaborate with actors from the very highest level of civil society are some of the key aspects that make working here interesting. Studying Global Studies currently in my Master and International Studies in Bachelor, the focus points of KAS are of high relevance for me. I was also presented with a wide array of tasks to conduct, ranging from report writing, research on contemporary issues and interesting topics such as innovation in India, Indo-Chinese relations or on the issue of 5G, to editing works of colleagues or writing speeches for conferences for the head of the KAS office. My colleagues at KAS India also played a key role for me in making the most of this internship. They were all welcoming and friendly, and as many of them hailed from different backgrounds, this made it both an interesting and pleasant environment to work in.

My verdict

On the whole, I thoroughly gained from my internship with KAS in New Delhi. I further honed my skills I had in researching and report writing, it allowed me to gain valuable experience in a field which I can see myself working in the future, and presented me with the opportunity to attend special conferences and experience Delhi from a different dimension to what I had experienced studying at JNU. I will conclude by stating that I would highly recommend such an internship with KAS.

Romina Liesel Elbracht