Options for a region rich in minerals and thirsty for water

Promoting alliances with the mining industry to strengthen water infrastructure

Policy brief by Fernando Anaya and Emma Baz, which addresses the situation of mining as an agent of economic development in Latin America and its impact on the water sources necessary for life.
Opciones para una región rica en minerales y sedienta en agua herunterladen


The Policy Brief first diagnoses the mining situation in the region and then proposes water management strategies to overcome the water vs. mining dilemma and establish a balance between the necessary growth of mining (necessary and essential for the energy transition) in order to generate economic income at macro and micro levels in the countries and the vital need for water for activities ranging from direct consumption, agriculture and energy generation.

These strategies are analyzed from two components: the catalysts (or enabling factors) and the challenges, to finally mention recommendations to be considered by decision makers and the private sector interested in this economic area.


Giovanni Burga

Giovanni  Burga


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