Sustaining Peace Through Mediation

KAS in collaboration with TEPPCON organized a workshop on peace in the northern Ghana

Over the years, the northern part of our country has been characterized by series of violent clashes leading to the deaths of several others and also loss of property. Mediation has been proven to be source of sustainable peace in most conflict situation; thus the theme for the workshop “Sustaining peace through mediation in Northern Ghana” was timely and appropriate. The civic team of the Tamale Ecclesiastical Province Pastoral Conference (TEPPCON) has a core mandate of transforming communities through peace to receive the necessary development that they need, consequently, they work collectively with chiefs, Assembly members, all security institutions, district assemblies and other relevant stakeholders. Northern Ghana has suffered draw backs as a result of unsettled conflicts; hence, TEPPCON in collaboration with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) organized a peace workshop in Tuna and Bole in the Northern Region and Wichaw and Wa in the Upper West Region.

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