Eleonore Pauwels

Eleonore Pauwels is an international expert in the security,societal and governance implications generated by theconvergence of artificial intelligence with other dual-usetechnologies, including cybersecurity, genomics andgenome-editing. Pauwels provides expertise to the WorldBank, the United Nations and the Global Center onCooperative Security in New York. She also works closelywith governments and private sector actors on AI-CyberPrevention, the changing nature of conflict, foresight andglobal security.

In 2018 and 2019, Pauwels served as Research Fellow onEmerging Cybertechnologies for the United NationsUniversity’s Centre for Policy Research. At the WoodrowWilson International Center for Scholars, she spent ten years within the Science and Technology InnovationProgram, leading the Anticipatory Intelligence Lab. She is also part of the Scientific Committee of theInternational Association for Responsible Research and Innovation in Genome-Editing (ARRIGE). Pauwels isa former official of the European Commission’s Directorate on Science, Economy and Society.

Pauwels regularly testifies before U.S. and European authorities including the U.S. Department of State, NAS,NIH, NCI, FDA, the National Intelligence Council, the European Commission and the UN. She writes forNature, The New York Times, The Guardian, Scientific American, Le Monde, Slate, UN News, The UN Chronicleand The World Economic Forum.