Multimedia Training for Syrian Journalists

Media consumption habits are evolving as interest in Syria coverage is declining. As the war transitions into a new phase, there is a heightened need for continued, in-depth coverage. It is imperative to support reporting on Syria within this period to ensure that armed actors are unable to act with impunity inside the country and to ensure that the war is well documented through a variety of formats. It is within this vein that the Syria/Iraq Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) and Syria Direct partnered up for an advanced multimedia training for Syrian journalists, which equipped them with advanced skills in podcasting in order to integrate advanced multimedia reporting techniques into their reporting. Additionally, it enabled them to access new networks of followers and in turn contribute to greater awareness of this new phase of the Syrian conflict.

Considering the recent developments of the Syrian conflict, journalists must prepare to shift their focus from the daily coverage of bombings and displacement to subtler trends and developments related to community dynamics, local reconciliation measures, the return of displaced communities and more. Advanced multimedia techniques, in particular podcasting experience, complements their skills while elevating the voices of those experiencing the complex dynamics of the Syrian conflict. Taking into account these considerations, KAS and Syria Direct designed a ten-week multimedia training program for one Syrian editor, three selected Syrian journalists as well as four selected Syrian journalist trainees. The aim of the project was to acquaint the Syrian journalists with the different steps of the production of podcasts as a way to report on events and developments in Syria in collaboration with the podcast editor, who had undergone a specialized training in podcast production himself and based on this trained and mentored the journalists. Furthermore, as a result of the project, Syria Direct’s first-ever podcast was launched in May 2019, publishing several long-form narrative podcast episodes in Arabic to better engage Arabic audiences. This means that in addition to the journalists themselves, Syria Direct’s Arabic and English readership of around 100,000 people benefitted from gaining access to the produced podcasts. Regarding the content, the podcast episodes center around collective stories about the struggle of Syrians having to flee their home country as well as the renewed difficulties of the diaspora living outside Syria and are still available on Syria Direct’s website.


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