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Challenges for India’s Security Policy

India is steadily gathering momentum and its global political significance is increasing rapidly. However, changes in the neighborhood are confronting the country with new challenges. In addition, with the national elections of the first chamber of the Indian Parliament, the Lok Sabha, in 2019 a landmark event for India is coming up. At a breakfast discussion in Berlin, experts from India and Germany discussed the situation, with the background of the upcoming parliamentary elections and current developments in the area of foreign and security policy.

Media strengthens democracy

African media experts visit institutions of press freedom in Germany

It is not media in Europe alone that are in a crisis. In many african countries the credibility of media is being questioned and declining advertising revenues threaten the existence of many publishing houses. In addition, the climate between media and the state institutions of media control is worsening.

Blockchain Trailblazing Trust and Innovation

A Future of German Governance

Blockchain technology (distributed ledgers) promises a techno-utopianism that could spell the end of centralized services as we know them. Following the financial crisis of 2008, alt-thinking libertarians, cypherpunks and anarchists who stand behind the technology’s philosophy presented a discrete alternative to the existing financial systems.

Industry 4.0 and new impetus for the Indo-German partnership

Second Indo-German Economic Dialogue at the Indian Embassy in Berlin

On 28th June 2017, 2nd Indo-German economic dialogue took place at the Indian Embassy in Berlin. It was jointly organized by the office of the German Member of Parliament, Mr. Mark Hauptmann, Indian Embassy and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The Foreign Policy Strategy of a Regional Middle Power - Thailand and Germany

Thailand is currently in a process of political transformation, in which the orientation is more towards China than towards Europe. Although of its domestic problems, Thailand aims for an active foreign policy and it plays a constructivist role in the region’s conflicts. Therefore it is an important partner in the region to Germany and the European Union. In early September 2016, five members of the KAS Working Group of Young Foreign Policy Experts visited Bangkok upon invitation by KAS Thailand.

Mistakes of the Clinton-Campaign

Author Hahrie Han talked in an audio-interview about central aspects of modern election campaigns in the USA

In the US election campaign, the mobilization of voters through “field campaigns” played an important role. In an audio-interview Hahrie Han, associate Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Co-Author of the book “Groundbreakers. How Obama’s 2.2 Million Volunteers transformed campaigning in America”, talks about efficient strategies of field campaigns.

Conference of the Working Group of Young Foreign Policy Experts in Stockholm

This year’s international conference of the Working Group of Young Foreign Policy Experts took place in Stockholm, Sweden. It was organized by the regional program Nordic countries (KAS Latvia Office).

Asian Development Bank Meeting in Frankfurt

KAS participates with Delegations and Interview Series

ADB Board of Governors held their 49th annual meeting in Germany. While in Frankfurt, KAS interviewed all high ranking officials of the meeting. The series was conducted by KAS Japan Representative Paul Linnarz and includes ADB President Takehiko Nakao as well as German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation, Gerd Müller.

Association Agreement between EU and Ukraine

Press Conference

“Are you for or against the Approval Act of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine?”

"Who are we in Europe?"

Summer School 2015

This workshop gave an international platform for the youth to discuss the future of the european union.

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