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Addressing Security Sector Reform in Yemen

Challenges and Opportunities for Intervention during and post-Conflict

The KAS Regional Programme Gulf States and CARPO are jointly organising a symposium on Security Sector Reform in Yemen from April 03 to 05, 2017.


After several years of violent conflict, Yemen’s security sector is deeply divided. At the same time, the Yemeni population is facing a disastrous humanitarian situation. As no end to the conflict is in sight, policy-makers are turning their attention to local stabilisation measures. In this regard, rebuilding the security sector in Yemen is also gaining significance.

Against this backdrop, lessons learned from previous attempts at Security Sector Reform in Yemen can provide the essential basis for discussing new and well-founded approaches and proofs-of-concept in Yemen which can be applied both during the on-going conflict and also after peaceful settlement. Whether during or post-conflict, the priorities and measures taken by the wide spectrum of actors involved will deeply affect Yemen’s future.

The symposium “Addressing Security Sector Reform in Yemen. Challenges and Opportunities for Intervention During and Post-Conflict” shall enable a critical reflection on previous approaches of national, regional and international actors in the fight against security threats in Yemen. The input presented during the conference will afterwards be jointly published by the project partners in the form of a policy report with precise policy recommendations.

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Fabian Blumberg

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Head of Gulf States Programme