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Cafe Kyiv – We Choose Freedom!

The Ukraine event at Cafe Kyiv

24 February 2023 will be the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. To mark this sad and terrible occasion, we are joining forces with numerous partner organisations in an art intervention that will temporarily transform the historic Cafe Moskau into Cafe Kyiv.

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Wir wählen die Freiheit!
Wir wählen die Freiheit!

On 27 February 2023 we invite you to the event Cafe Kyiv – We Choose Freedom. Throughout the day, Cafe Kyiv will host workshops, discussions, talks, salons and culture. Freedom, Europe, security and recovery will be on the agenda. Through art, history, films, cuisine and the creative scene, we want to rediscover Ukraine and listen to its diverse voices.

The registration is currently closed. You have the possibility to register on the day of the event on site, if there is still free capacity. Please find all details regarding our program and partner here. 

Cafe Moskau is an event location in German-American private ownership. Apart from its history, the venue has no connection to Russia. Due to monument protection laws, the renaming is only permitted for a short period of time. We find it important to take a stand, especially on the anniversary of the Russian attack on Ukraine. We want to emphasise that Kyiv is closer to us than Moscow – geographically and politically. This makes Cafe Kyiv a fitting starting point for the demonstration against the Russian war of aggression on 24 February 2023, amplifying the voices of those in support of Ukraine. On 27 February 2023, our event “Cafe Kyiv – We Choose Freedom” will take place.

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Cafe Kyiv
Karl-Marx-Allee 34,
10178 Berlin
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