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1st Green Technology Implementation Guide to advance the 2030 Agenda

Practices and indicators in Latin American cities

The vision of green technologies as drivers of the 2030 Agenda allows for a strategic approach in the medium and long term, in which the benefits of the implementation of technologies are amplified through the analysis and recognition of their possible direct and indirect impacts on the 17 SDGs and their goals.

How to accelerate the implementation and diffusion of emerging technologies in conjunction with the Sustainable Development Goals (UN) and the 2030 Agenda in the context of Latin America and the Caribbean?

To answer the question, the general objective of the project was to identify, understand and analyze the connection between green technologies and the SDGs for the achievement of the goals of the 2030 Agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean based on the dimensions of defined indicators and selected technology groups.

*Publication available in Portuguese.


Anuska Soares


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