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Artificial intelligence in Latin America


Artificial intelligence, a transversal pillar
Inteligencia artificial en Latinoamérica

Technological and digital progress has evolved different areas of computing, human activity and industries. It is evident how over the last few years exponential disruptive technologies have generated direct impacts on world events, both social and productive.

Among them, cloud computing, cybersecurity, 5G technology and, with intense force, the development of the artificial intelligence (AI) market, both in consumption and in the production of solutions, goods and services transversal to people and companies, in areas such as health, education, security, agribusiness and employment generation.

For the Konrad Adenauer Foundation it is a distinguished honor to be able to place in your hands a new research work, in which we expand the ability to surprise ourselves. Including artificial intelligence in our discourse is a task that we are able to tackle with the same passion that has enabled us to develop so many cutting-edge topics, at least since 1955.

Addressing the topic of artificial intelligence has meant for us the full duty of bringing together top researchers who have been studying the development of digital technologies for decades. All of them have a vast experience in research and elaboration of studies related to digital technologies and can boast a deep experience in the development of digitization projects and use of technologies.

The essential idea of this publication has been to visualize the current state of the various printed efforts in this area of technology, which transversely has an increasing incidence in productive and consumption issues, as well as in the opportunities for social development and a whole new model of human and business coexistence.

In your hands you have the effort of having been able to identify the guidelines and actions taken by multilateral international organizations; to determine the current state of Latin America in the development of artificial intelligence; to identify the development opportunities in the region; and to determine the success cases in projects and public policies currently in force.

Technological innovation has been a transversal axis in human development since the beginning of our times. Its analysis is essential for a better understanding and its respective dissemination is crucial for the appropriate use of societies that yearn for the avant-garde.


Yadira Elizabeth Gratacós Reyes

Yadira Grataços

Project Coordinator +507 387 4475
Inteligencia artificial en Latinoamérica

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