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Economic Challenges in the Southern Mediterranean

Following the Coronavirus pandemic and the health measures to respond to it - including the total containment of the population - the Southern Mediterranean has entered a zone of extremely delicate economic turbulence. Indeed, with central banks with little cash and extremely low social security coverage, the Southern Mediterranean does not have the structural capacity to withstand an economic shock of this magnitude without showing signs of weakness. Unsurprisingly, the major financial institutions are predicting poor figures for the very weak growth the region will experience in the coming period.

Despite this gloomy outlook, the southern shore of the Mediterranean can also benefit from this disruptive period. The destructive effects of the approaching economic crisis are an opportunity to clean up economies that are struggling to achieve real growth and to build development models that are in line with the needs of the countries in the region and the constraints of international markets.


Inspired by the early European construction, the Regional Program Political Dialogue South Mediterranean of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS PolDiMed) strongly supports the idea that dialogue and economic partnership are great tools for building a peaceful and prosperous area. To address the opportunities offered by more economic cooperation in the Southern Mediterranean region, KAS PolDiMed proposes you a series of interviews with experts and practitioners from different sectors in order to address the potential of a more economically integrated region.

Episode I. Labor and training: When skills travel


Episode II. Innovation and technology: Can we talk about an Arab Silicon Valley? 

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