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Multilevel Green Management

Pragmatic essays on ESG

In recent times, the world has increased its awareness of the importance of sustainability, causing companies and investors to change their agendas, who have also begun to incorporate new sustainable business practices and strategies to serve a new generation of demanding and concerned consumers about climate change. Thus, with this article we intend to verify whether large corporations, by adopting ESG standards, can contribute to the fight against it.

What is ESG?

The term arose as a provocation from then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to 50 CEOs of major financial institutions, who he asked how to integrate social, environmental and governance factors into capital markets.

At that time, financial institutions from nine countries met to develop guidelines and recommendations on how to include environmental, social and governance issues in asset management. Brazil was one of the countries active from the beginning.

The conclusion of the report was that the incorporation of these factors in the financial market generated better results for society and, consequently, more sustainable markets.

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