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Southern Cone, Environmental Governance and SDGs: Mercosur and the Environment

Policy Paper 8

The general theme of this policy paper is to understand environmental policies in the Southern Cone. To this end, the paper explores the incorporation of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs for the environment in Mercosur, which is the main regional institution in the Southern Cone.

The study begins with a comparative analysis, indicating the differences in the environmental legal system between the countries of the Southern Cone, revealing important discrepancies in legal matters. It then briefly presents the environmental institutional framework within Mercosur that makes possible the harmonization of environmental norms and guidelines in the region. Based on data research, the study reveals how Mercosur institutions are citing the SDGs. The policy paper portrays the main policies linked to SDGs 13 and 15 (environment) at the Mercosur level. Finally, it reveals the institutional limitations and weaknesses to achieve the environmental SDGs and makes some recommendations to improve this reality.

* Publication available in Spanish and English.


Anuska Soares


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