A Global Climate Alliance for Accelerated Climate Action

The Global Climate Alliance Report has been launched by Hon. Mr. Jayant Sinha at COP27 at Sharm-al Sheikh and the T20 Inception Conference in New Delhi.

Our Collaborative officially released the Global Climate Alliance report today at the #T20InceptionConference in New Delhi in front of a large audience of climate experts.

The GCA is based on the premise that #NetZeroisNetPositive for the world. It shall be a win-win-win for the Global North, the Global South, and our planet.

The Alliance will be a game-changer, with a focus on raising ambition, consistency of policies, and financing for the Global South.

We look forward to taking this initiative forward in India's G20 Presidency.

Read the entire Publication "A Global Climate Alliance for Accelerated Climate Action" here as a PDF.