Handbook: accelerating water entreprises.

The purpose of this handbook is twofold: to encourage partners to support water entrepreneurship through sector-specific acceleration interventions, and to provide guidance to water entrepreneurs in developing effective solutions to key water challenges. By partners we mean anyone interested in improving the water business ecosystem - this includes accelerators, donors or investors, to name a few.
Handbook KAS CEWAS
Handbook KAS CEWAS

The water sector is a growing market that offers an interesting range of business opportunities and impact. The sector becomes even more attractive when one considers the interconnections it has with other industries such as agriculture, sanitation, waste management and healthcare, among others. Oftentimes, however, the pursuit of quick, short-sighted profits is prioritised over the choice of sustainable, circular business models. This is particularly worrying given that key basic services related to human and environmental wellbeing are highly dependent on sustainable water management, as clearly stated in the Sustainable Development Goals 6. 

Business solutions can play an important role in solving pressing water-related challenges, such as overexploitation of water resources, water pollution, and inefficient water supply and use. Entrepreneurial solutions can therefore significantly complement the efforts of governments and development actors who too often struggle to provide sufficient and sustainable solutions for people and the planet. A shift in mindset towards social and environmental entrepreneurship that balances impact and profitability could pave the way for more sustainable water resource management and set an example for the next generation of private sector actors.

Given the complexity of the water sector and related sectors, the diverse market conditions affecting water-related businesses, and the wide range of solutions and growth trajectories, this handbook is designed to encourage and guide readers on their acceleration journey, whether as a proponent of acceleration or as a company ready to enter the acceleration phase. Adopting tried and tested acceleration strategies will enable companies to turn specific water solutions into profitable and effective business models and become investment-ready.