The Path to Success

How Women-owned Businesses Transform in the Era of Digitalization - Lessons from Malaysia

Jointly conducted with Woomentum and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Japan/SOPAS, the research looks at the effects of digitalization on Women-owned Small and Medium Enterprises' (1) access to financing, (2) access to mentoring, networking, and skills, (3) business process and management, as well as (4) COVID-19 crisis management. This chapter focuses on the lesson learned by WSMEs in Malaysia.

Rabea Brauer

Rabea Brauer

Leiterin des Länderprogramms Japan und des Regionalprogramms Soziale Ordnungspolitik in Asien (SOPAS)

rabea.brauer@kas.de +81 3 6426 5041