Tree of Hope

How we can change the world

A handbook for thinking globally and acting locally

The initiative youthinkgreen – jugend denkt um.welt e.V. started with the conviction that you can achieve something great as long as you believe in what you do. The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) believed in the project Tree of Hope – How we can change the world, created by young people from different countries, from the start. Now, the Multinational Development Policy Dialogue of KAS in Brussels is glad to present the eBook version of this project of sustainability in English in order to make it accessible for as many people as possible throughout the world.

Please find an abstract of the foreword by Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, who took the patronage of Tree of Hope:

“The belief that a great deal can be achieved with limited resources is also a guiding principle behind the youth initiative youthinkgreen – jugend denktum.welt. For some years now, this initiative has been working to promote greater sustainability and environmental awareness. Its work is based on a simple concept: bringing together children and young people. They develop their own ideas, proposals and strategies and then work together to put them into practice. The Tree of Hope book is an impressive record of these activities. The contributions present a range of analyses, ideas for solutions and groundbreaking projects. They send out positive signals about the commitment of today’s younger generation to act now for the sake of the generations to come.”



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