ADLA Video Series 2020: Why Democracy Matters?

von Rey Padit

Interview with Mr. Samouen Taing from Cambodia

With the current challenges to democracy around the world, we turn to our young leaders in Asia for answers. This ADLA video series is a project that seeks answers on the question “Why democracy matters?” To start this series, we have Mr. Samoeun Taing, who is a fellow of the Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP) batch 07, the alumni representative of the KASYP Cambodia National Alumni Chapter, and a member of the Cambodian People’s Party. In this video, Mr. Taing shares his insights on “Why democratic values and principles are important for his country?”, “What are the main challenges to democracy?”, and “What can he do to ensure that he becomes or remains a democratic leader?”. #ADLA4Democracy #KASYP4Democracy



KAS PDA: Why do you think democratic values and principles are important for your country?

Mr. Samouen Taing: Democracy is an elective system of government based on the majority of people who freely vote to select a leader for their respective country in accordance with the constitution of a country. Whereas, democratic leadership is the obligation to govern all related legislative bodies and stakeholders to come together to help improve people’s lives and the socio-economic condition of a country. I think, democratic values and principles are very important for my country due to the fact that we are able to practice our freedom in terms of political preference, expression of options, religion, and particularly the freedom to cast vote during elections. It is essential for the Royal Government to follow the spirit of well-informed democracy for our people from all walks-of-life.

KAS PDA: In your context, what do you think are the main challenges to democracy?

Mr. Samouen Taing: I would like to share two issues that are major challenges to democracy. First is the interpretation of the rule of law by some manipulative political parties and politicians and for them to propagate the wrong interpretation as accurate facts, the result of which is for their personal selfish benefits. Such wrongs if permitted to propagate will lead to public confusion both nationally and internationally. Second is the issue of malignment of individuals, politicians, and public figures around the world. In some cases, the targeted politician has been unfairly maligned. Malignment often affects not just the public figure but also their family and loves ones. Such actions have direct adverse effect on civility amongst political parties.

KAS PDA: As a young leader, what can you do to ensure that you become and remain a democratic leader?

Mr. Samouen Taing: As a young leader, I will embrace the basics of democracy and remain a democratic leader. I will focus on formulating policies that serve the people and will improve their lives economically whilst maintaining the existing peace that my country is currently enjoying. My policy also will be an invitation for other political parties to jointly, with respect and dignity, help our beloved people to prosper and be true equals.


Disclaimer: ​​​​​​​This interview excerpt is taken from the ADLA Video Series 2020 project which aims to seek for answers on the question "Why Democracy Matters?" from the KASYP alumni country representatives. The opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed are those of the interviewee do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Any insights expressed in this content do not intend to hurt any individual, community, or organization.


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