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Watchdog Asia

Promoting regional investigative journalism

Watchdog Asia is an Asian association of senior editors and journalists to support, promote, and actively produce investigative journalism. It aims at strengthening independent cross-border, investigative, and data-driven journalism in Asia. It also provides resources and networking opportunities to investigative journalists in Asia and a platform to cooperate with other investigative journalism networks globally.


Watchdog Asia
Watchdog Asia

Asia is a huge and diverse region, and journalism, particularly investigative journalism, faces its own sets of challenges in the region. Criminal libel laws are frequently used against journalists in many countries.  There have been a number of attacks on journalists in the region and the press freedom index remains low. Despite various challenges, Asian journalists are putting spotlight on key issues, digging into sensitive issues related to misgovernance, human rights violations, corruption and abuse of power like never before.

In context, the MDPD in Brussels will host a delegation of senior journalists and editors from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Nepal and Hong Kong. They will meet  various stakeholders and representatives of the EU institutions in order to discuss the state of press freedom, censorship, security and obstacles to free media in their respective countries and explore potential areas of cooperation with the European partners.

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